Meeting held with HERIC Project and World Bank representatives

On 14 June 2016, LAMS office representatives had a meeting with HERIC Project and the World Bank representatives. The meeting was held within the visit of the World Bank of all scientific and research projects funded through HERIC grant scheme.

For this occasion, LAMS office prepared a PP presentation with a description of the project, its activities, results and future activities. It was concluded with pleasure, that all the planned activities have been implemented and the system for monitoring lightning activities on Lovcen is installed and operational. All the necessary equipment is installed on RDC tower on Lovcen and data are already registered through four installed sensors. Results obtained from this system are processed and used both for further analysis and research, as well as for making scientific research papers published in reputable journals and conferences.

For the next period it is planned to further improve the system in terms of speed and quality of transmission of the data obtained, as well as for the publication of scientific papers obtained by analyzing the obtained data.

Representatives of HERIC and World Bank have expressed satisfaction with the implementation of the project and wished good luck in the future work.

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