Presentation of the scientific paper at the conference ICLPS – International Colloquium on Lightning and Power Systems (Bologna, 27-29 June 2016)

ICLPS is aimed at bringing together CIGRE experts from around the world joined by regional engineers, managers and researchers to facilitate exchange of knowledge, experience and information towards further understanding phenomena associated with lightning and implementation of protective measures against its effect on electric power systems.

LAMS researchers will attend this event, where they will hear about presentations on the themes directly related to the project LAMS. Also, they have submitted the following scientific paper related to the project research which will be presented on the second day of the Conference:

Lightning activity monitoring system on mountain Lovcen, Montenegro, A. Balota, D. Strujić, FIT Podgorica, Montenegro, T. Sadovic, S. Sadovic, Sadovic consultants, France, I. Uglesic, University of Zagreb, Croatia, H. D. Betz, Nowcast, Germany

This is one of the most important conferences for the project LAMS where the topics are directly related to the work of LAMS researchers and will be a great opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge from the field of lightning protection.

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