• WP1: Establishment of management structures and documents, project progress monitoring
    1. Establishment of the management structure.
    2. Financial plan and documentation.
    3. Organizational structure and working structures, internal communication, documentation management system, common working methods, master plan, quality assurance plan, risk management plan.
    4. Reports: financial reports, quality control reports, progress reports.
    5. Procurement of equipment.

  • WP2: Lightning Activity Monitoring System – Concept Description
    1. Report dealing with the importance of lightning activity for industry and society.
    2. Report describing proposed system along with the comparison with the existing systems.
    3. Proposition for the system installation.

  • WP3: Collection and Analysis of the available lightning activity data
    1. Report with detailed historical data analysis.
    2. Report with the information needed for the lightning current measurement sensor selection.
    3. Summary of the information obtained from RDC people working on the site.

  • WP4: Selection and testing of the measuring sensors
    1. Report describing lightning current sensor selection.
    2. Report describing sensor installation on the existing tower structure.
    3. Calibration test reports.
    4. Documentation with the offers for the commercially available sensors.

  • WP5: Selection of the lightning current data acquisition system
    1. Report describing selected data acquisition system hardware.
    2. Report presenting measurement system software.
    3. Test report from High Voltage/High Power lab.

  • WP6: Selection of the data transmission link for data transfer from the tower top
    1. Report describing selected data transmission link.
    2. Report with installation instructions.
    3. Test report from laboratory testing.

  • WP7: Lightning Activity Server – LAS
    1. Report describing LAS concept and required hardware.
    2. Report describing the software.
    3. User manuals.

  • WP8: Lightning Data Analysis software – LAD
    1. Report describing LAD concept.
    2. Report describing the software.
    3. User manuals.

  • WP9: Use of Lightning activity monitoring data for the improvement of OHL (Overhead Line) performance
    1. Report dealing with EPCG lightning outages statistics.
    2. Proposition of the technology for the line lightning performance improvement.

  • WP10: System Installation
    1. Report with the detailed hardware and software specifications.
    2. Presentation of the results obtained in the period of the system testing period.

  • WP11: Workshops, seminars, presentation, cooperation
    1. Presentation and promotion material.
    2. Project WEB site.
    3. International conference Call for papers and conference organization.

  • WP12: Commercialization and Future activities
    1. Market report.
    2. Proposition for the system patenting.
    3. Proposition for the future system operation and maintenance.